the exchange

The Exchange

Simply put, The Exchange uses music to make friends. Every show is half concert, half house party! It’s a chance to interact, and it doesn’t matter who you are or how different you are. The five singers are proof; at first glance, they seem almost too different. Each has his own distinct voice and style. It’s the fusion of their contrasting roots–r&b, rock, gospel, opera, and hip-hop—that ignites The Exchange’s explosive energy. What unifies the musical melting pot? The human voice. The band will continue to blend different styles and instrumentations, but its sound will always be defined by the raw, soulful power of the human voice.

You can read more about the group at their website: http://www.exchangevocal.com/ , as well as check out the video below to preview the incredible energy that The Exchange brings to the stage!



Founded in 1993 by Dr. Jefferson Johnson as a subsection of the University of Kentucky Men’s Chorus, the acoUstiKays are the premier all-male a cappella ensemble in the state of Kentucky. Without the strong support of the University of Kentucky Choral Department, widely known as a national powerhouse for male singing, this group would not be what it is today. This group of 16 men has been featured on national television as a part of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” a cappella competition and has performed in countless venues across the United States from the shores of Hawaii to the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina. Check out the ‘Kats on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow them on their musical journey!


Paws and Listen

The University of Kentucky Paws and Listen are an a cappella singing group of sixteen women auditioned from the Women¹s Choir. They perform pop music as well as a mix of doo-wop, vocal jazz, and show tunes. The ensemble is coached by undergraduate music education majors and advised by Dr. Lori Hetzel, Associate Director of Choirs/Choral Music Education. This group is highly esteemed both on and off campus. They perform for numerous prestigious events throughout the year and are often featured at high profile events at the home of the UK President.

The group consists of both music majors and majors from across many disciplines. The women must be academically astute as they also participate in one or more of the other choral ensembles at the University.

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